Constantin Pavléas is happy to join the leading collaboration network for CEOs in Europe

Constantin Pavléas has recently joined the European network CEO – Collaborative Forum (CEO-CF), the leading collaboration platform for Chief Executive Officers in Europe.
CEO-CF is a community of international entrepreneurs, investors and top executives from Europe and the United States who share experience and brain power to leverage a collective intelligence and provide cutting-edge recommendations to resolve individual challenges. CEO-CF community meets three times a year and organizes regular Discovery Days and calls between its members. 
As a member, Constantin Pavléas attended the Spring Community Meeting held in Budapest, in March this year, where he delivered a general presentation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the community, highlighting constraints but also opportunities provided by this new cornerstone piece of European legislation for the protection of personal data.
Constantin Pavléas met with directors and top executives of companies from various domains, and had the opportunity to connect particularly with start-ups working in the field of health and bio technology.
Constantin Pavléas Avocats is honored to host CEO-CF’s autumn Discovery Day, to be held in Paris on October 4, 2018.