Constantin Pavléas is giving a keynote on GDPR at the 2018 Healthtech Summit

Constantin Pavleas Avocats is attending the Tech Tour 2018 Healthtech Summit held in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 25 – 27 June 2018.

Since its launching in 2008, the Tech Tour Healthtech Summit gathers the Europe’s top Health Technologies industry players and is an independent platform for these players to collaborate and meet international investors. For its 9th edition, Tech Tour has selected 40 high-growth potential European Medical Technology and Digital Health innovators who will showcase their ideas on how to improve patient care by modernised global health care, and how can digital and technological innovations bring positive in this field. Technology is disrupting traditional healthcare and some start-ups are today driving some $1.85 trillion opportunity in the healthcare sector. As the focus for this 2018 edition is “Moving from technologies to solutions”, the Summit participants will discuss the future of global health and the impact that they can make together.

As this event brings together some of the most innovative companies within Digital Health and Medical Technologies with strategic corporate partners and top ranking investors, Constantin Pavléas is giving a keynote on the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in connection with this market space. As multiple digital health solutions, such as mobile health applications or digital therapeutics, are taking an increasing share in the healthcare space, and AI investments in healthcare are following the same trend, it is important to pause and reflect on the necessary balance between the use of patients’ personal data by such applications or solutions and their protection. Constantin Pavléas will discuss how GDPR strives to find this balance Also, Constantin will also attend a panel of experts to discuss upcoming challenges in Digital Health and Med Tech.

It is a particular honour for Constantin to share his thoughts on GDPR and data strategies in the Digital Health and Med Tech space. It is also a great opportunity for the firm to meet and discuss on prevailing issues with some of the brightest innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of digital health, as well as important investors and corporates.